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A wedding by the sea

There is nothing more poignant than a wedding by the sea. What more beautiful environment for honouring  our love to one another then the sea itself. Even the clouds on the horizon as you look out across the sea, denote... View Article

Pre-wedding stress and organisation

Pre-wedding stress can sometimes take the fun out of the process of preparing for a wedding and making it the best night it can possibly be. Because of all the organisational pressures that a couple faces, the relationship can experience... View Article

Wedding Repertoire

Wedding Repertoire is one of the most interesting musical phenomenons that Sydney Wedding Band, the Big Thanks Band encounters. To be sure, as professional musicians who’ve toured all over Australia and the world we have played dozens of styles of... View Article

Wishing a couple well at a wedding

Writing a note on a wedding card can be perplexing and its hard to choose the right words  in wishing a couple well at times. There are a number of different approaches to this. The Big Thanks Band is there... View Article

Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers at your wedding. What season are you planning to have your wedding? Summer? Consider dandelions, they are a summer favourite. Many people have dandelion seed balls blown over them as they arrive at the reception hall instead of... View Article

Wedding ideas

Big Thanks Band is full of musical wedding ideas and we have all the options for you. From a standard rock n roll band, to RnB, pop hits and classic jazz. We can even do showtime theatre style music for... View Article

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A hologram wedding

A hologram wedding is becoming more and more possible these days as technology improves across the world. What is the point of a hologram wedding you may ask? Quite simply it allows people who are unable to travel to the... View Article

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Wedding Traditions

Here are a number of kooky wedding traditions that have stuck around over the years. For those who are connected to Greek culture, brides, tuck a sugar cube into your glove, the sugar will sweeten your marriage! Brides from the... View Article

Wedding singer Sydney

For your wedding singer Sydney call the Big Thanks Band. Our wedding singer Sydney is one of the most sought after in New South Wales and has the ultimate Sydney wedding band to back him up. Our Wedding Singer is... View Article

Wedding Singer Bowral

Wedding Band Hunter Valley

For a wedding Band Hunter Valley, call the Big Thanks Band. We love to travel to the Hunter valley and entertain you among the vineyards for your special day. Here are a few of the many venues we have played... View Article